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A one woman mission to find gut health.


So how do you go from being a science teacher in a secondary school to being Head Brewess at the Wildling Potion Shed? Wildling founder Roisin Meredith did exactly this when her casual interest in health and wellbeing came much closer to home than she’d ever expected it to. Following a second maternity leave that was over-shadowed by conventional medicine’s inability to address her young baby’s health issues, she found herself immersed in serious and science-based research of alternative treatments.


Much reading and exploration led her to discover a wealth of personal accounts of how Kefir had helped to improve both general health and gut health for many different people. Roisin’s hopes that she might have discovered a possible solution were dashed by the fact that her baby couldn’t tolerate dairy, making most commercial Kefir products a non-starter because they were all milk based. 

Luckily for all of you her determination to find something to help her daughter stayed strong and she found Water Kefir. Knowing that creating Kefir in a super easy to digest non-dairy format was a viable option added new focus to Roisin’s work. She began to learn the ancient art of Kefir fermenting and it wasn’t long before her kitchen was transformed into the very first Potion Shed. After much trial and error and lots of experimenting with different natural flavours, Wildling was born. That’s when the real magic happened - not only had she found something that made a whole world of difference to her baby’s gut health it was also utterly delicious to drink. Wildling now has many ardent fans, many of whom have happily shared their own positive experiences of how they think it has improved their health. You’ll find these on the Champions page of our web site.

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