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Sussex brothers – Rob and James – are looking to bring you something a bit different...

Whilst at uni, they grew tired of bloating beer and sugary mixers. Their go-to drinks had become boring and weren’t doing their bodies any favours; they needed a change. Then, when Rob was travelling across New Zealand, he came across alcoholic sparkling water (or as the Americans call it a hard seltzer).

Refreshing, light and low in sugar - but still delicious - this was the drink they were looking for.

It was so nice that they named the brand after the town Rob first tried it in. Arrowtown is the result of their quest for healthier, great-tasting drinks. That’s why at 24 and 22 they set about taking on the big guys.

After all, everyone loves an underdog, right?

Low in sugar? Yes. Low in flavour? Absolutely not. If you’re tired of bland, healthier drinks give Arrowtown a go.

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Instagram: @arrowtowndrinks


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