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Brighton Gin


Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, and a passion for the place where founder Kathy Caton and Brighton Gin's team of family-and-friends live and play.  Working out of the city's first ever distillery, they make a genuinely handcrafted gin that embodies the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful, fiercely independent and distilled just a pebbles' throw from the sea!

Kathy, a life-long gin fan, spent several years learning from scratch how to distill and experimenting at her kitchen table to perfect the recipe, having more than one or two adventures along the way!  After many iterations, her last step was to finally distill each botanical individually on their Portugese copper alembic still (now retired, but available to view on distillery tours!).  Everything that goes into Brighton Gin has really earned its place in the bottle, whether it's the 100% organic wheat spirit, or the hand-peeled citrus fruit - every care is taken to be sure that each bottle of Brighton Gin is as smooth, delicious and versatile as the last. 


Fast-forward ten years, and Brighton Gin has collected more than 30 top awards locally, nationally and internationally, including being named the UK's Best Gin, while still being made by the same little team in Brighton!  It is also the UK's first contemporary Vegan Society accredited gin, meaning that not just the liquid inside but every aspect of the bottle from the wax seal on top to the glue on the labels is certified 100% vegan. Being rooted in their community is one of their key values - over the years they have supported many hundreds of charities and community organisations under their Community Spirit drive.  During the Covid crisis, they moved their production virtually overnight to make not-for-profit hand sanitiser - which they are still doing a year later!  

True to Brighton Gin’s founding principles, each part of the process is done by hand, from distilling to filling, labelling to waxing, to delivering to local customers by push bike and also on their shiny e-cargo bike which has now done over 1,000 miles in its first 6 months and has effectively taken their van off the road - give them a wave if you see the bike being pedalled around town!  Brighton Gin are on a mission to take the Spirit of Brighton to the world, but in an ethical, sustainable way, one delicious gin and tonic at a time! 

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