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G&H Spirits


Founded in early 2021, by Katie Overton-Hart (KOH), G&H Spirits is a new multi award-winning Sussex based spirits brand, set to shake up the premium gin sector with its new flagship Initial Gin range. 

The new line-up comprises three gins to suit all occasions and tastes, with flavours to delight casual gin drinkers and aficionados alike. LDN is the brand’s signature London Dry; BST (British Summer Time) is a fresh, floral gin for lazy days in the garden; while OTG (Old Tom Gin) gives the traditional Old Tom flavours a new, contemporary vibrancy and indulgence.

Each is based on a small number of carefully selected botanicals to avoid overcomplicating the flavours and making the individual components easy to identify and appreciate. All three gins are distilled in a traditional copper still for authenticity and quality assurance.

Initial Gin is simple, honest and unpretentious, making it easy to choose a great-tasting, high-quality gin, whatever your individual tastes and however you want to enjoy it. 



Instagram: @georgieandhenners


Categories: Distillery, gin, local producer
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