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In The Loop Drinks make English Vermouth and award winning Ready to drink cocktails in a small, solar-powered winery nestled in the sleepy countryside in Uckfield, East Sussex.

They use English wine for the Vermouth range and work with like-minded companies to source the spirits in their bottled cocktail range.

In the loop drinks made everything on site in Uckfield using English wine, predominantly fresh botanicals they grow themselves or forage for, and spirits from local distilleries. They were the first producer of an all-English Vermouth made exclusively from English wine and only English botanicals, evoking the heady notes of the perfect English garden. They are called In the loop drinks because they keep English wine in the circular economy, a.k.a. IN THE LOOP, using mainly base wines that are not quite right to be English sparkling wine. Everything is gluten free and Vegan.


Trade enquiries:

Instagram: @intheloopdrinks


Twitter: @InTheLoopDrinks

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