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Enjoy beautiful loose leaf teas and deliciously exciting infusions, ethically sourced and effortlessly delivered direct to your doorstep by MDTEA. 


MDTEA was one of the first tea companies to set up in Brighton and has been providing its range of teas to cafés, restaurants and hotels in Sussex and beyond for over 10 years. Their teas are selected with the help of a Master Blender who has been around the world selecting teas that not only taste great but are ethically-sourced too. Their range includes single origin classics such as Assam (used in breakfast blends), Gunpowder (rolled green tea which resembles the explosive) and Darjeeling, considered to be the Champagne of the tea world. Its aromatic notes and exquisite flavours are distinctive of the region where it is produced and just like Champagne is enjoyed by connoisseurs all over the world. MDTEA blends also include Pink Pride (white tea, hibiscus and rose) and Graham Greene and Chocolate (green tea with cocoa shells and echinacea) so whether you are a discerning tea drinker or love to try unusual, taste-tingling blends they believe they have a tea for every preference and occasion.


Their passion for tea means that they want every brew to be enjoyed at its best, whether from a paper cup, special teapot or from your favourite mug and they can show you just how to achieve this. They also love to explore the diversity of tea beyond the pot and have developed a range of cocktails with some of their partners, including Metrodeco. They have worked with chefs to use tea as a special ingredient in all sorts of culinary delights, from matcha cookies, to cuttlefish in broth, to tea-smoked salmon. Their passion for food has led them to develop pairing menus, including tasting and Afternoon Tea, with specially selected tea (rather than wine).

The world of tea can certainly take you on a journey, from the lush green plantations in Assam, India, to the tea ceremonies of Japan to the simple cuppa enjoyed in most British households. MDTEA would love to accompany you on your journey and show you the delights of this wonderful beverage.

Telephone: 01273 677 243
Instagram: @mdteashop
Wholesale orders email:
Wholesale orders telephone: 07956 978 115
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