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The Black Market


Visit us at our permanent home in Brighton, opening in Autumn 2022.

‘The Black Market’ is a 1940’s themed restaurant and burlesque bar. Part of our uniqueness is the entirely plant based and ‘free from’ menu that ensures none of the 14 allergens outlined by the FSA are used in our recipes. As part of the strong vegan community in Brighton, The Black Market will contribute to providing a high-quality food and entertainment venue that caters to the tastes of the town. The Black Market is the perfect place to celebrate the local history, produce and people of Brighton.

The Black Market has also been inspired by the ‘British Restaurants’ that were a staple in WW2 for locals to receive a home cooked meal for a cheap cost:


'The driving force behind their creation was a Mrs Flora Solomon, who was in charge of Marks & Spencer's staff canteens at the beginning of the war. She was inspired by seeing the Londoners' Meals Service, which London County Council started in September 1940 to feed those who had been bombed out of their homes.'


The Local Food Committees of the community would use their resourcefulness to turn larder staples and ingredients they had to hand, to create fantastic meals, the recipes of which have been incorporated into our menus. 

Our products are sourced from the local area (within a 10 mile radius of central Brighton) to ensure that we meet our aims in celebrating and supporting local manufacturers and artisan producers. 

Currently you can find us at local markets, food festivals and order a selection of our products.

Venue details coming soon



Instagram: @theblackmarket_brighton


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