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All the flavour, none of the gluten

Bedlam Brewery's pilsner is gluten free

We’re all becoming a bit more aware of potential allergens in our diets – from peanuts to dairy – whether you’re making a choice to exclude for serious health reasons or because you’ve got a mild sensitivity.

Some of the most common foodstuffs that people are avoiding is bread, pasta and pastries made from barley, rye or wheat that are heavy on gluten. At one end of the spectrum, gluten – proteins found in grains that ‘glue’ them together – can have a mildly bloating and inflammatory effect; but for the unlucky few with Coeliac disease these proteins really are nasties that can be life-changing by blocking the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients from other foods.

Thankfully – as any supermarket shopper can attest – there’s no shortage of gluten-free products now available in the free-from aisles, and a Sussex brewer has seized on this to create a lager with all of the taste but none of the gluten.

Not resting on their laurels after having won European Double Gold for their classic Pilsner, Bedlam Brewery in Plumpton Green have been working their magic and just released a gluten free Pilsner at 4.2%. It retains the same crisp and refreshing flavour, but it now means they can share with people who are gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive, and Coeliacs.

“We brew with the same ingredients as ever, but make a few changes to the brewing process, allowing the gluten in the beer to be broken down to the point where it is well below 20 parts per million – the threshold for being considered gluten free”, said Clark Coslett-Hughes, Bedlam’s head brewer.

“It’s just as tasty and there’s no compromise on flavour. With everyone looking to get out and enjoy the beach or a garden barbecue, the timing couldn’t be better”.

Bedlam’s Pilsner is not only gluten free, it’s also vegan too. The beer is brewed using traditional German brewing techniques and ingredients. The German Pils’ malt provides light honey notes, whilst the hops – Saaz and Saphir – deliver a fresh citrus aroma and flavour with an elegant bitterness.

You can buy online at for home delivery in 330ml cans and bottles, and also as a larger 440ml can. It’s also available on tap at many local pubs alongside venues including Brighton Dome.


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