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Don’t get into a flap, ask Pigeon

Founder Mark Ward and his 'pigeons'

From bagel bakers to martini makers, local food and drink enthusiasts are flocking to a new interactive platform to share their skills with others writes Nick Mosley.

Pigeon launched on Tuesday 19 July with the aim of helping anybody wanting advice in the kitchen or needing help mixing their favourite cocktail to learn new tricks, hacks and secrets from food and drink enthusiasts via a video call from their desktop or mobile.

People looking to perfect their skills – or discover new ones – can join the platform as a learner. Learners can join video chats with like-minded enthusiasts to ask questions and discover more about their passions and interests.

Those looking to pass on their knowledge can also join the platform as a sharer. Sharers can earn an income by setting their availability and hourly rate and answering questions from learners.

We asked three local food and drink enthusiasts teaching on the platform why they’re helping others and about the skills they’re sharing to help you wow your friends and family.

Miles Markham, bagel enthusiast:

“I started baking bagels during the flour shortage of the first lockdown and have been perfecting my recipe ever since. I’ve been spoiled by the abundance of Jewish bakeries in North West London and knew I’d have to learn how to make authentic bagels myself when I moved to Brighton”.

“I’m revealing the techniques, special ingredients and secret tricks-of-the-trade to help others recreate the blistered, chewy bagels from their favourite bakeries at home. All you need is access to a handful of ingredients, an oven and have some cream cheese on standby.”

Kirsty Levett, kimchi maker:

“Kimchi is not only delicious, it's amazing for good digestion and gut health. My passion for kimchi began with the tasting of the tangy, pickled Korean goodness and the discovery that it can make any average meal superb. This interest deepened when my diet became gluten-free and I haven’t looked back since. It’s the best accompaniment to many meals, it lasts for months and simply gets better over time.”

Max Warner, home batch-cocktail enthusiast:

“Food and drinks are a huge part of my life. I love experimenting with exciting flavours and techniques. The expression on someone’s face when they taste something delicious is a beautiful thing”.

“One of my favourites is the Pornstar Martini, which is a modern classic drink. It’s been the most searched for UK cocktail online for the past few years. I use a secret method to make them which means it can be enjoyed at any time, straight from the fridge, either stirred and served as a Martini style drink or simply poured over ice for delicious refreshment and pleasure.”

Discover more about Pigeon on their website


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