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Q&A with Shannon Severy of Brighton Cocktail Company

Shannon Severy of Brighton Cocktail Company

Tell us something about you…

I’m Shannon Severy, founder and owner of Brighton Cocktail Company. I’m originally from Virginia in the USA, where a set up a successful catering company in 2016 before moving to the UK and completing a Master of Business Administration at the University of Sussex in 2020.

I participated in the Start Up Sussex Competition and received sponsorship for the UK Startup Visa in 2019. I’m also a certified mixologist and my favourite cocktail is a mojito!

What led you to set up the Brighton Cocktail Company?

The inspiration for the company came at the start of the pandemic with people being stuck at home. Whilst thinking of product ideas, it felt there was a real need for a product that could connect people whilst staying indoors and safe.

Whilst completing her MBA, I was resident cocktail maker in my group of classmates so I always had my cocktail shaker and enjoyed entertaining everyone. I decided to turn my love of cocktails and the concept of bringing people together into a business idea, by providing groups of friends and couples with all the elements required to create a memorable night in at home. 

What makes the product unique?

The cocktail experience kits and date night subscription are interactive and combine traditional cocktail making with other engaging activities. The products provide an experience in a box, all curated and beautifully packaged so you don’t have to think about a thing.

Where are the cocktail kits manufactured?

The Brighton Cocktail Company based at a business unit on Conway Street in Hove. A core part of the brand involves working with local Sussex-based suppliers for the alcohol, mixers and additional treats you’ll find in each box. Each month in the Date Night Subscription, we run a Meet The Makers series where two local brands are featured in the box to create the signature cocktails. 

Shannon Severy of Brighton Cocktail Company

How does the product help get the party swinging?

There are a whole host of products to choose from, starting with the core cocktail experience kits and a new monthly Date Night Subscription. 

The three core kits are each based around a theme – Night In Havana, Pride Party Night, Astrology Night – and provide you with everything you need to host a cocktail night for a group of up to 12 friends. Expect recipes, activities, Spotify playlists, accessories, games and more. 

They’re also revolutionising Date Night by bringing it right to your doorstep! Every month we send out a curated box of cocktail goodies, hints and tips, as well as activities all based around a new and exciting theme. Each box includes ingredients for a signature cocktail, plus additional recipes and content to match. You can expect to find local Sussex spirits, mixers and treats from the featured Meet The Makers.

How can people get their hands on a kit?

You can order all experience kits directly from There are different ways to subscribe to the Date Night Subscription with one, three or six month plans or you can order a trial box to start.


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