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Brighton Gin releases Pride 2021 Rainbow Fund limited edition bottles

Multi-award winning craft distillery Brighton Gin has announced their latest Artist’s Edition Pride limited release. Every year the distillery collaborates with an LGBTQ+ artist to not only platform their work, but to raise money for the Brighton Rainbow Fund.

They are delighted to announce that 2021’s collaboration is with the Brighton-based multidisciplinary artist and LGBTQIA activist Fox Fisher. For this year’s release, Fox has chosen to make four separate but themed artworks, inspired by and celebrating queer lives hidden from history. Released as an initial run of 4 x 100 bottles in each design and individually signed and numbered by the artist, every one is a unique artwork in miniature.

Fox (he/they) says, “Brighton is a place I navigated to, as a place where I could truly be myself. Being able to explore myself through many incarnations, from being young queer working in the bars and clubs, to a drag king packing and posing, to a trans activist co-founding Trans Pride has been quite the journey. I’m proud of this city, which has been transitioning too.

It’s important for people to have the space to explore their gender and sexuality and for me, Brighton has been the perfect place for this. There’s something special about this evolving city, and I wanted to pay homage to the queer people who lived and loved before me, during Regency times.”

Every year since 2016, Brighton Gin has released a limited edition Pride bottle to not only celebrate Brighton Pride but also to support the work of The Rainbow Fund, the Brighton and Hove based grant-giving hub for local grassroots LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations.

Through their Community Spirit initiative, Brighton Gin has supported many hundreds of community organisations and charities across the city and beyond, and has donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser throughout the Covid pandemic. Kathy Caton, founder of Brighton Gin, said “with so many of the fundraising events that would usually support the Rainbow Fund having been cancelled, we’re really pleased to release this limited edition to support them. We’re long-standing admirers of Fox’s work as an artist and as a campaigner and it is a dream to be working with them!”

Chris Gull, chair of the Rainbow Fund, says, “thank you so much Brighton Gin for raising funds, yet again, with these beautiful limited edition Pride bottles. All the money raised will be distributed as grants to the local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects that we support. It's a tough year for all of them, trying to continue to support hundreds of LGBTQ+ people in Brighton & Hove between them who require their vital front line services".

The Brighton Gin Pride 2021 Rainbow Fund Edition bottles can be bought directly from and from independent stockists Quaff and Good News. Recognising what a challenging year it will be for raising funds, 9% from each bottle will be donated to the Rainbow Fund (to match Brighton Gin’s 9th birthday this year).


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