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Keep it pink this summer with Boco

Following from the success of its first Charmat Method white sparkling wine, West Sussex based vineyard House Coren has now released a rosé version.

Boco Rosé by House Coren is 100% Pinot Noir and made in England from grapes sourced from around Sussex. The sparkling wine, like House Coren’s debut white version, is made using Charmat Method; a winemaking process that creates carbon dioxide when pressurised in large steel tanks to give it a natural fizz. By fermenting in tanks rather than bottles, the Charmat Method suits fruitier, younger styles of wines which is exactly what the Boco range is all about. 

Boco Rosé by House Coren is packed with raspberry and strawberry flavours with a touch of peach and a fresh, floral finish. It is light and fragrant with a fine mousse and 11.5% ABV. Priced at £26, it’s an affordable yet high quality wine from England that perfect for summer picnics, easy-drinking aperitifs and or even with something sweet. 

House Coren, the creators of the wine, wanted to release a Charmat method wine as they believe the style showcases the bright, fruity freshness found in English grapes and to offer an interesting alternative to the traditional method sparkling wines already on the market.

The name for the wine was inspired by Old Sussex regional dialect, ‘boco’ derived from the French ‘beaucoup’ meaning ‘lots of/more.’

William Coren, Managing Director of House Coren, said: “The fruity notes that the Charmat bring method combined outstanding quality of grapes grown here in England leads to a perfect 100% pinot noir sparkling rosé. We hope that by developing Boco Rosé we are continuing to expand the development in English wine and truly establish its well-deserved reputation in the market.” 

William, 34, runs House Coren vineyard in West Sussex with his family. They planted 30,000 vines in May 2020 but have purchased grapes from other English vineyards to create Boco whilst they wait for their grapes to be ready to harvest. 

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