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Nanima Asian Kitchen x Meanwhile Mondays

Lonnie and Nicky Allon of Nanima Asian Kitchen

Ahead of their Meanwhile Monday pop-up supper on 23 October, Nick Mosley talks to Lonnie Allon of Nanima Asian Kitchen in St Georges Road about what guests can expect for this one-off dining event.

In a nutshell, what is Nanima all about?

At Nanima Asian Kitchen we’re committed to offering the good people of Kemp Town and beyond authentic and traditional home-cooked Asian cuisine, all prepared fresh each day and presented via a daily-changing selection of dishes from across the region.

We’ve no set menu so that our chef, Nicky, who is of Punjabi-Malaysian origin, can have the widest freedom to research and offer delicious food from the culinary traditions of all the countries of Asia, all presented on bains marie so that guests can select for dining in or take away from what they see and smell; it’s a true sensory experience, and not to be found on delivery sites!

What can guests expect from the Meanwhile Monday event?

For this special event, guests can expect an exemplary range of dishes that are commonly offered at Nanima Asian Kitchen.

Nicky’s sister, Bea, is primarily responsible preparing the savoury snacks at Nanima, everything from homemade samosas and speciality pastries to spring rolls and sushi – for the Meanwhile Monday event we shall be offering some of her famous mixed vegetable pakoras with mint & tamarind and Nicky will prepare her legendary king prawn dumplings with chives & sweet chilli.

Amongst the enormous range of non-vegetarian daily specials offered at Nanima – from various chicken or lamb curries to seafood specialities – Nicky has chosen to offer her wonderful Keralan masala cod with cassava chips and spicy shallots, and in addition a serving of the extremely popular Weekend Special, the Singapore laksa with chicken and silken tofu.

And there are always homemade desserts available at Nanima; this event will showcase a wonderful Afghani pistachio kheer with rose petal and a Sri Lankan semolina with pasha & walnut.

Why has Nicky chosen the specific dishes?

These dishes have been chosen for three main reasons.

Primarily they provide an indication of the wide range of dishes offered at Nanima from all the culinary traditions of Asia, allowing guests to appreciate that this is truly a celebration of Asian cuisine in totality and not just a representation of one national cuisine as is more usually the case.

Secondly, these are dishes that Nicky loves to prepare and this is at the heart of what Nanima does by offering all dishes with love and passion from the kitchen to the table.

And lastly, all these dishes are simply delicious and we wish our guests to enjoy their meal and have a wonderful evening.

Advance tickets for the pop-up supper on Monday 23 October are £35 from Meanwhile Café at My Brighton hotel on Jubilee Street. Email or call 01273 900 300 to book.


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