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Q&A with Anita Drozd of You Juice

Anita Drozd of You Juice

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Following completing a degree in philosophy and PR – and a stint in the contemporary art world – I gained professional fine dining experience cheffing under Jeremy Ashpool at Jeremy’s Restaurant in Sussex.

My passion for good wholesome and healing foods comes from my upbringing. I grew up in a beautiful part of Poland surrounded by forests and lakes. I was taught foraging, preserving and fermenting by my grandparents and parents from a very early age.

What’s the concept behind You Juice?

Initially to provide people of Brighton and Hove with a good quality juice.

It all started in my kitchen; I was a new mum feeling pretty exhausted from running around the toddler and also didn’t quite know what to do with myself on the days Miriam went to nursery so I decided to focus on self care.

I did the usual – went to the gym and looked at my diet – but I wasn’t really happy with the progress I was making. Then I came across a documentary called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ by Jo Cross and the world of juice cleanse was introduced to me.

I loved watching the transformation that Jo went through and I was very keen try it myself. A few days later my juicer arrived and off I went on my first detox venture. I made and only drank juice for a solid seven days and have never looked back. That first detox was just amazing.

I lost weight but, more importantly, I got my pre-maternity energy and glow back. It didn’t go unnoticed. Within few months my kitchen at home turned into little juice production factory and I was supplying juices to my friends and friends of the friends.

The feedback was brilliant so I decided to go for it and – with the help of my family – I opened my first You Juice in Montpelier Place in October 2014.

What was initially meant to be a juice and smoothie bar turned into full-on health café serving brunches, lunches, healthy snacks and lots more. We cater for vegans and non-vegans, with everything we serve wholesome and nourishing. You can eat-in or take-away, or buy dishes to finish off at home.

Over the years we have listened to our customers needs and adapted, which has allowed us to continually grow.

The You Juice Garage terrace

You’ve just refurbished the You Juice Garage in Brunswick Street East?

As next year is our big 10th year anniversary, it felt right to bring a breath of the fresh air to our space.

We want our You Juice community to feel comfortable and enjoy their drinks and food in a bright and fresh space. We’ve also managed to create some extra space for a few more tables.

Tell us a bit about your ‘Cleanse’ packages

We specialise in cleanses. There are plenty of options for people to choose from including our Full Cleanse for those who want to really ‘go for it’; our Moderate Cleanse which is our budget option where we provide juice but you make your own meals should you require it; and our

Gut Cleanse and Mixed Cleanse both of which are designed for people who want to feel the benefits of drinking cold pressed juice and eating nourishing foods while detoxing but also don’t to miss out on food.

We listen to the individual needs of our customers to help them make the right choice. On our website you can find lots of information including nutritionist advice and cleanse guide. Plus I offer free cleanse consultation and juice tasting to new customers.

In the time since you opened, do you think more people are taking juicing seriously as a health giving regime?

I think post-covid there’s definitely higher demand and better understanding when it comes to choosing healthy drinks and food. I also know that a lot of our newer customers find us thanks to recommendations from others, which we truly appreciate.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I would love to express my gratitude to all of our customers, supporters and You Juice friends: this is not an easy time for many of us so I truly appreciate that you choose our premium and more expensive products over supermarket foods or big brands. We have been truly blessed with the most loyal following.

48A Brunswick St East, Hove, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 1AU

01273 204003 •


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