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Twisted Brisket opens on Duke Street

Twisted Brisket at 16 Duke Street, Brighton

A new restaurant and cocktail bar has opened on Duke Street, writes Nick Mosley.

Twisted Brisket is an eatery and cocktail bar from the team behind Twisted Lemon on neighbouring Middle Street. The three-floor venue came available towards the end of the pandemic when the venue’s former owners decided on a career change.

“We were in the right place at the right time”, said co-owner and manager Simon Robinson. “As our Twisted Lemon bar backs onto the same alley, we wanted to ask the previous tenant about sharing their bin space and found out he was wanting to leave hospitality. So, we walked in to ask about trash and left with a set of keys”.

The restaurant uses Sussex beef for their brisket, a classic cut from the chest of the cow, to which a secret recipe Texan-style rub that includes cherrywood and hickory is applied before being slow smoked in a low heat for around 12 hours.

“It took a lot of research – reading, watching and experimenting – to get the perfect finish on the brisket”, said Simon. “Depending on where you are in the world, cooking or smoking a brisket is almost a religion. The best advice has been from talking to those people that get up at 3am to start a cook that won't be eaten till 7pm”.

Twisted Brisket bun is £8.95

The signature dish is the brisket sandwich that is accompanied by homemade sauces and variety of side dishes that complement the flavour.

“Our brisket bun is clearly the go-to dish. It’s in the name of the venue, at top of the menu and has people coming in just for it”, said Simon.

“We lightly toast our brioche, add our applewood slaw, Chinese leaf, dill pickles, a sauce of your choice and a generous helping of sliced brisket”.

Alongside the food is an extensive menu of cocktails – both classics and our own creations – many borrowed from the decade old playbook of Twisted Lemon.

“The relaxed and informal approach of Twisted is very much still in play”, said Simon. “We want our guests to feel comfortable and relaxed no matter if they're just popping in for a drink or a full dining experience”.

Twisted Brisket at 16 Duke Street, Brighton is open daily from noon.


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