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Bringing cider joy back to Sussex shelves

Tom Stephens of Wobblegate cider

West Sussex based Wobblegate announced the launch of a new sparkling session cider this month. Nick Mosley catches up with farmer Tom Stephens to discover more.

Family-owned Wobblegate farm’s orchards have over 5,500 established apple trees that were planted between 1930 and 1992. They are pollinated by 48 beehives spread across the farm. Wobblegate also work with a network of growers across the south east that supplement apples and soft fruits for both ciders and juices.

The production process is deliberately kept simple and traditional with all the fruit picked, pressed and bottled by hand. Their new Sparkling Craft Session Cider is no exception to this long-standing rule.

“This cider has been years in development, but due to the severe hit on our business during Covid we couldn't afford to release it”, said Tom.

“With the scars of the pandemic showing on our business and that of our industry, we wanted to come back fighting, saying a big ‘hello’, we’re still here and thank you to our many customers that have stuck through the past couple of years with us”.

Wobblegate Sparking Craft Session Cider

Made from apples grown in their own orchards and based on Wobblegate’s two star Great Taste Award winning blend, it’s the farm’s first big step into a craft, sparkling session cider that will appeal to most drinkers. The 5% ABV cider is available in 440ml cans for retail and kegs for pubs.

“Our ambition is to see this cider on all shop shelves, in fridges and on the bars and pubs across Sussex”, continued Tom. “It is a true, proper and modern Sussex cider”.

Tom is also in the process of re-opening Wobblegate’s tap room which was mothballed due to the pandemic. This summer, alongside the farm’s own range of ciders you can also choose from a selection of quality craft ciders from other producers to drink in the picturesque garden or take home. Handmade pizzas will also be available and there’s plenty of space for the kids to run wild in the orchards.

Tours and cider making masterclasses will also be returning shortly for those who want to discover more about the manufacturing process.

For more information or to buy online visit


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