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Q&A with Ben Arthur of The Plotting Parlour

The 'Tumi' is one of The Plotting Parlour's longest running signature cocktails

Tell us about yourself…

Hello! My name is Ben Arthur and I'm the general manager of The Plotting Parlour, Brighton's best kept secret (which isn't such a secret anymore!).

I love everything about hospitality – from cocktail creation to all aspects of service – so it's been a bit of a dream job for me ever since I started working in bars at the age of twenty. I've worked in a fair few of Brighton venues over the years so I'm sure I've served a bunch of you.

What is The Plotting Parlour all about?

The Plotting Parlour is a table service venue with an emphasis on great service and amazing cocktails. We are very lucky in having our own prep kitchen, something we utilise for each one of our signature drink creations, each packed with syrups, shrubs and other fun things made with the best of Sussex ingredients – and a fair amount of tequila.

Ben Arthur, general manager of The Plotting Parlour

What inspires your menu?

Our menu is primarily influenced by the seasons and so it changes depending on what we think are the best ingredients that we can get hold of at the time. Expect light, fruity, refreshing cocktails in the summer months, changing to deep, warming drinks as the nights draw in. We have a new menu releasing at the end of May so please swing by if you want to see what we've come up with.

What’s your signature cocktail?

We have a number of them but a long running favourite of mine is the Tumi - Mezcal, Pisco and a chocolate ganache covered glass. It's been on our menu since we opened and I don't think we'll ever change it, it's just too good. Our St. Pierre is another great one – pear, cardamom and gin served straight up in a sour, always a great way to start your evening.

The Plotting Parlour

What local products do you use?

All of our fresh produce is supplied by our superstar fruit and veg supplier Cob & Co., alongside the lovely people at Old Tree Brewery for our vinegars and the Milk Shed for our coffee. Whenever we can, we use as many local spirits and wines as possible - Contractors Gin, Mello Cello and Highweald Estate being a few of our favourites.

Are you planning any events of promotions over the coming months?

We're teaming up with Chapel Down for the Queen's jubilee to bring you a menu filled with great British ingredients. Alongside that we'll be starting an industry night every Monday, so if you work in a local bar or restaurant come down for £6 Negronis, Old Fashioneds and Daiquiris or a beer and a chaser for all the non-cocktail drinking chefs out there.

When not at The Plotting Parlour, which other bars do you personally enjoy and why?

I'm going to get in trouble with the bars I don't mention but The Black Dove would probably be my top pick, no other bar makes you feel as happy when you walk in. For wine, it would always be Plateau and for cocktails and food Golden Pineapple never fails to disappoint.

And your plans for the future?

I can't say too much right now but we'll be starting a whole new side to The Plotting Parlour very soon, follow us on the usual socials to keep up to date with the latest.

The Plotting Parlour, 6 Steine Street, Brighton BN2 1TE


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