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Shake your own with Mixology Group

Myles Cunliffe of Mixology Group

Learn to make and shake great cocktails at Brighton’s Mixology Group’s new masterclasses hosted in the unique atmosphere of The Old Ship hotel’s cellars, writes Nick Mosley.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught me, there’s absolutely nothing to be scared of when it comes to making cocktails at home. Much like your kitchen cupboard when it comes to food, as long as you have the bare basics in terms of kit, garnishes and core spirits then most classic cocktails are pretty straight-forward to rustle up as they’re all tried and trusted recipes. Don’t tell my bartender mates but it really isn’t brain surgery, although I admit that sometimes it feels like that the morning after.

That said, when you’re a newbie to anything, its always good to have a bit of instruction to give you a splash of confidence so Mixology Group are hosting a new programme of cocktail masterclasses at The Old Ship hotel on Kings Road.

Lead by one of Mixology’s team of expert professional bartenders, at these 90 minute events you’ll get an insight into the techniques and tips ’n’ tricks that can turn a good drink into a great drink. Whilst informative the focus is firmly on fun so the perfect way to spend an evening with friends or colleagues.

On arrival, guests will receive a cocktail before moving on to create two further iconic cocktails of your own. It’s great to see the iconic ‘Gin Bramble’ designed by Soho bartender Dick Bradsell in 1984 is one of the drinks you’ll make – and of course it will be made with locally produced Brighton Gin.

For Friday night sessions (£49 including a bar meal) or Saturday afternoon sessions (£34) in June and July visit


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